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Tips & Tricks for advanced players

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General Tips

  • If you want to Polish many pieces, you can activate the Polisher tool and polish a piece and then click on it again to pick it up and put it in the jewelry, and polish the next piece etc. You can even right click to carve a piece while you have the Polisher tool activated.

  • Make sure that you have at least one empty spot in your Jewel Case when you click on a Fabergé Egg, in case it contains a piece that you can't put in the jewelry and you don't want to unnecessarily use the Gem Burster (which decreases the value of the Jewelry).

  • Make sure you always have a small diamond piece in your Jewel Case. You can then put it in jewelry with an area where you may place any jewel, to get the highest possible value for that jewelry. You can replay earlier jewelry with diamonds to easily get a diamond piece if you need one.

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